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Benefits to working out with friends or partners

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If you find yourself wanting to skip your workout, having a fitness buddy can help you stick to the plan. When you have someone expecting you, you’ll be more inclined to show up to your workout. This can work both ways. On days your partner wants to sit out, you can motivate her to work out.


Generally it is found that people who exercise with a friend will work out for twice as long and twice as hard than when working out alone.  This is because exercise with a partner can bring out a competitive streak and helps to boost your work out

Two heads are better than one

Working out with a friend can give you access to a number of different fitness ideas. If your friend typically does a different type of workout than you do, you might wish to use each other’s expertise to switch your workouts. Working out with a buddy can also allow you to try workouts that are designed for two people, such as medicine ball tossing, exercises with resistance tubing or partner-assisted crunches.


Working out with a friend can help you enjoy your workouts more. Chatting as you burn calories can help your workout go by more quickly. Evidence suggests that your body produces more endorphins when you work out with a partner. These endorphins can help reduce pain, increase energy and lead to a more effective workout.


Working out alone can be a safety concern, especially when working with weights. Having a friend to support you can help ensure you maintain proper form to prevent injury. You and your buddy can also take turns spotting each other. This allows you to increase the difficulty of your workout without risking your safety.

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