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Swim Lesson Parking

Swimming Lesson Policies & Procedures

River Lee, Cork

• Like most children’s group activities, we will be continuing our ‘Drop & Go’ policy. This has been extremely successful. Please see below.

• Children are only permitted to access the changing rooms 10mins prior to the commencement of the lesson & must leave immediately once the lesson has finished to avoid over congestion in the pool, changing rooms & reception area.

• Children are only permitted to access the pool deck 5mins prior to the lesson & must wait in line behind the barrier until the swim instructor commences the lesson.

• Once the lesson has finished, children are permitted to access the changing rooms via the pool deck, to shower and change accordingly.

• Children are not permitted to use any pool before and/or after their lesson.

• No PARENT or SIBLING are permitted in any pool BEFORE, AFTER or DURING lessons unless members of NRG Health & Fitness.

• Lessons will last 30 minutes and we ask children to be accompanied by only 1 adult and no children to attend the club unless attending swimming lessons.

• While swim lessons are in progress - Parents are not permitted access onto the pool deck & must leave the premises, either standing outside or returning to car. Parents are not permitted to remain & socialise at reception.

• Please note all children attending Pod lessons must have an adult accompany them in the water. Please contact NRG directly if you are unsure if your child is attending a Pod lesson or lane lesson.

• Please ensure that googles are adjusted to fit correctly prior to the lesson to avoid any unnecessary disruption during the lesson.

• If required, children must use the toilet before their lesson. In line with hotel Child Protection Code of Ethics, staff members cannot accompany a child to the toilets/changing area at any time.

• If a child is more than 5 minutes late for their class, they cannot participate in the remainder of the lesson.

• In line with hotel Child Protection Code of Ethics, the use of video or photo recording equipment is strictly prohibited on the Pool deck and in the Changing Areas.

• If a child cannot make a lesson due to parties, illness or other commitments, the swim instructors will be unable to compensate for this lesson at any other time due to high demand.

• Due to high demand, a child is not permitted to transfer into another group after the term has started.
• Children > 6 years are not permitted to access the changing rooms of the opposite gender.

• A child is responsible for monitoring his/her self throughout any activity, and should any unusual symptoms occur during the lesson, must cease participation and inform the Swim Instructor.

• In the event of medical clearance required, GP permission must be provided to the Swim Instructor in advance of the course commencing.

• If a child fails to behave in a manner that is polite and social, he or she may be suspended from a lesson or the term.

• All lessons must be paid in full in advance of the term (date requested by NRG) – no split payments are permitted. No refunds or credit can be given once classes are paid for.

• Please note 2.5hrs parking is complimentary to parents that are active club members. All non-members must pay €2.50/hour directly to the River Lee Hotel. Cash payment must be paid directly to the hotel reception. Contactless payment can be paid at the car park exit barrier.