Birthday Parties

NRG Junior Parties consists of 1 hour activities followed by a meal in the Clybuan Hotel.

Gym Zone – Children will have all the fun in the world during the gym party. Have a fun filled gymnastics theme party where the kids get to climb, jump & dance around the room as well as move along our litle mini obstacle course!! It is the party organisers responsibility to bring cups and drinks for the kids on the day. To book please call 091-585800.


Choose between chicken nuggets, sausages or burgers served with freshly cut chips and juices. Ice-cream to finish. Parents can also provide a birthday cake that will be served during the party.


Parties can take place on a Saturday afternoon. If you are booking on Sundays, there may not be a food option due to the hotel carvery lunch being busy but we can check his for you.


€10 per child without a meal

€15 per child with a meal

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