NRG Junior Timetable

The below timetable is for NRG Knocknacarra starting on the week of March 02nd 2020 . Kids classes that we run here in Galway are as follows: swimming, gymnastics,  ballet, toddler gymnastics (terrific tots), karate, teen xfit, baby swimming and much more!

Booking system opening for CURRENT CHILDREN Monday February 17th 7am

Booking system opening for NEW CHILDREN Monday February 24th 7am


Swimming: €70 for 7 weeks

Other Classes: €63 for 7 weeks

Scroll down for swim level description.

Beginners – None to very little swim experience.

Transition 1 – Face in water, ability to move arms & legs in water with float, ability to stay afloat by themselves in 4’8’’ water, body close to horizontal in water, no fear in deep water. If your child can’t do at least one of these, they are at the beginner level.

Transition – Ability to use arms and legs. Unaided back and front for 10 metres.

Improver 1 – Ability to swim 1 length back and front until knowledge of f/c breathing.

Improver – As above with basic knowledge of breaststroke.

Intermediate – Ability to swim minimum 1 length front crawl, back crawl and breast stroke with good front crawl breathing.

Advanced – Competent in all 3 strokes. Being able to swim 4 lengths comfortably without stopping.

Elite – Endurance stamina knowledge of all 4 strokes. Swim for half an hour continuously.