Summer Swim Camps 2023

Places are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Please contact to book a place today. Please include the following details;

  • Childs Name
  • Parents name
  • Age
  • Swim Level (please see levels below)
  • Phone number


  • PODS - Level 0 -  1 - 2 - For safety, all children attending Pod lessons must have an adult accompany them in the water. In pods, the adult & child learn together. The adult learns to develop skills to encourage the child to become water confident & to improve swimming technique. Pod lessons strengthen the bond between adult & child.
  • LANE – Level 3 -  4 -  5 - Lane lessons are for children Level 3 +. The child must be confident to be in the water by themselves. Children in Level 3 + may require swim flippers. The swim teacher with provide recommendation on this. While swim lessons are in progress - Parents are not permitted access onto the pool deck.


  • Level 0 - POD
    This level is to improved water confidence and designed for children that have little to no experience in the water.
  • Level 1 - POD
    This level is for children that can confidently put their face in the water and are comfortable on their back with support from a parent.
  • Level 2 - POD
    This level is for children who can comfortably float, that are streamline and to have a strong kick action. Beginning to use arms.
  • Level 3 – LANE
    Comfortable in the water alone. Can comfortably swim the front crawl with good leg action and beginner arm action. Is confident on their back with good kick action alone and unsupported.
  • Level 4 - LANE
    Can swim the front crawl confidently, starting to take a breath when swimming, confident on back with good leg action and beginner arm action. Can perform a beginner breaststroke leg action.
  • Level 5 - LANE
    Can swim the front crawl confidently with breathing. Can perform a good back stroke and breaststroke kick and arm action. This level is about building stamina with the technique they have learnt in the previous levels.