NRG Cork

Mark Dinkin NRG Xpress Little Island
I would highly recommend Polar Flow spinning to anyone looking to improve their fitness or lose weight,  The main benefit for me is that it takes the guess work out of your session, you really know for certain if you are working out to your capacity or not,  I find I work out about 20% harder in a Polar flow spinning class compared to a normal spinning class.  Also as the polar flow stats are personalised it caters to each individual’s fitness level.

Katherine Bell
Sharon was the first person I met when I joined NRG last November. Since then she has been a tremendous help to me and has been so supportive. Her encouragement, constant motivation and tailored training programmes have been inspirational. Nearly six months on, I am much lighter, fitter and above all happier – for that I give Sharon all the credit!

Fidelma Murphy
Lee is an excellent motivator and brought me totally out of my comfort zone during the Commit to Fit programme. I now have a love for the gym and nutrition that I never thought I could have! It has helped me get over my fear of things I thought I couldn’t do, and with the help I received from Lee and Meghan, I am getting closer to my overall goal.

Grace Ryan
I joined Commit 2 Fit in January with the aim of kick starting my weight loss. I had tried every “diet” imaginable over the years but had never incorporated exercise. Anyone that knows me knows I would have done anything to avoid any physical exercise but after my first meeting with Tim (my PT) I had a total new outlook in this regard. Tim helped keep me on track with my exercise and food plans and without his help I don’t think I would have reached my goals. Overall I lost 2 stone in the six week program but apart from this my energy levels have soared and I now look forward to going to the gym after work. I would like to thank Tim and all the girls at NRG Knocknacarra  for their support and for the friendly welcome which is guaranteed every time you attend the gym.