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In July 2011 I joined NRG as a very unhealthy 18 stone. Since then I have completed 4 marathons and 3 half marathons within the space of 7 months and have achieved a best time of 3 hrs 34 mins. I feel none of this would have been possible without being a member of NRG.
Paul McCavera
I attend kettlebells, Pump, Zumba, Spin classes instructed by Agniszka. I have found the most important key to my success in achieving my weight loss and fitness level over the last 12 months is having an instructor who give me the encouragement & inspiration to do what I know I need to do. I have found these qualities in Agniszka.
Stella Staunton
I joined NRG Health & Fitness over 18 months ago. My goal was to get fit and loose weight. Over 2 months ago I joined Fit & Fierce as I felt like I was hitting a wall and needed an extra push. I started meeting with Jacinta the creator of Fit & Fierce twice a week and working out 3 times on my own. Jacinta pushed me to my limits and beyond. She kept me on my toes by following her nutritional guidelines, weekly weight ins and measurements. With the continuous support and her constant encouragemen…
Jurgita Sabuliene (Fit & Fierce)
I joined Commit 2 Fit in January with the aim of kick starting my weight loss. I had tried every “diet” imaginable over the years but had never incorporated exercise. Anyone that knows me knows I would have done anything to avoid any physical exercise but after my first meeting with Tim (my PT) I had a total new outlook in this regard. Tim helped keep me on track with my exercise and food plans and without his help I don’t think I would have reached my goals. Overall I lost 2 stone in the six we…
Grace Ryan
Ann Fit and fierce changed my habits for eating and workout. I finally got proper portion size, meal times and proper order of exercises, and that helped me to gain up muscles and loose body fat. The results are great but I know it’s just the beginning of my journey of healthy lifestyle. Great motivation and attitude that Agnes give me every week is priceless.
Fit & Fierce Testimonial
The turn n burn class is a great workout with the combination of spin for the lower body and the second half of toning for the upper body and you are always guaranteed a good workout in all of Bronwyn’s classes.
Martina Killeen
In every class the insturctor pushes you to your maximum. Never do you leave her class thinking ‘’maybe I could have worked harder’’ because she pushes you to achieve your maximum level of fitness.
Grace Shelton
Pilates class is a very good class. Good for keeping the joints supple and the core toned
Madeline O’Connor
What can I say about the gym? It’s just been and is a wonderful experience! I started the gym over a year ago soon after I retired. I was somewhat apprehensive initially with all sorts of thoughts running through my head! Would I be the oldest person there? Would I be able to cope with the programme? I was embarressed to wear the gym gear as I felt I was huge! So much has changed for me in the past year. When I enrolled in the gym I was touching 13 and a half stone. Clothes were becoming …
Rita Meally
Hi guys (too many of you to name, you know who you are!), just a quick note to say thanks for everything over the last year. Where do I start? You guys (staff and members) have been fantastic over the last year. Having signed up for Ironman France and the Galway ½ Ironman last year I guess the gym was nearly my second home last year. It’s been fantastic how much encouragement and support I got from you all right the way through last year and it was needed (especially in those double spin ses…
Diarmuid O'Conchubhair


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