Why we should all take time out to relax?
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Modern society causes high levels of stress, which has been proven to lead to physical, mental, emotional and physiological medical conditions. Stress can cause digestive disorders, raise cholesterol levels, create hypertension, damage arteries to the point there becomes a blockage and heart disease. Stress is also known to cause or worsen bowel conditions, lower immunities which cause our bodies to become more susceptible to infections and viruses. It can also slow recovery from major traumas to the body.

We must master the art of living in harmony with ourselves. Daily exercise, balanced diet and getting an adequate amount of sleep are steps we have to take to achieve this.  General relaxation must play a part in each day in order live a comfortable and healthy life.

Here at NRG Health and Fitness clubs we have the facilities and environment to help you make relaxation become part of your every day routine. Why not finish your Gym or pool visit with a 15 minute soak in the outdoor Hot Tub at Knocknacarra, where no matter what the weather you can lay back eyes closed and allow the water jets to gently massage any muscle pains. Use the purpose built steam room to warm the entire body while inhaling the eucalyptus aromas to open up the bodies airways and improve your breathing. Get your blood circulating by sitting in the cedar wood sauna and stretching out the aches and pains from the day’s work. A few minutes in the Tylarium in Bohermore will refresh, relax and rejuvenate you, will help improve blood circulation and is good for respiratory problems.  Remember to keep the body hydrated throughout and after your heat therapy session by sitting in one of our relaxing waiting areas.

If you feel you would benefit more from learning breathing techniques then join in one of our free Pilates fitness classes. Instructors are fully qualified and incorporate beginner and advance levels. Although many forms of exercise provide a wonderful physical workout, only yoga can also claim to be a therapeutic system that helps heal injuries, improve chronic illness, and balance mental stress.

With so many relaxation facilities at NRG you are sure to find a technique that will help you take the time out of your busy lifestyle to unwind the mind body and soul.


Monday,Wednesday, Friday 11am – 10pm

Tuesday, Thursday 2pm-10pm

Saturday, Sunday 11am – 8pm