WATT Bikes

Wattbikes available now at NRG

The Wattbike was created with British Cycling to provide an affordable indoor bike for training and testing that is suitable for everyone from school children to Olympic Gold Medallists. Within seconds you can  accurately measure your power output, your pedalling technique and heart rate. The Wattbike monitors everything you need to know about your cycling and will help to track progress as your training develops.

The Wattbike Performance Computer is designed to be simple and intuitive to use. It records 39 parameters 100 times per second, but displays only the key information for the cyclist through seven different views. The rider has the option of viewing their data in Power (Watts), Energy (Joules), Speed (km/h) and Pace (time per km).

The Wattbike Expert Software allows you to link your Performance Computer directly to your PC providing you with an extraordinary range of monitoring that was previously only available to the world’s top cyclists.

Whether you are a Sport Scientist, Professional Athlete, Coach or technophobe, the Wattbike Expert Software will help you to get the most out of every turn of the pedals.