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Introduction to Triathlon / Multisport activity  

Starting out in triathlon can be overwhelming but also very exciting – here are some key tips to get you started.   Just about anyone can sign up and take part in a triathlon with minimal gear and expense as well as experience. The beauty of the sport is most races can have professionals competing […]

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Exercise in Winter ~ Helpful Tips

EXERCISE IN WINTER   The lack of motivation is something we all have experienced at some point, especially during the dark and cold days during Winter season. You might feel a bit down, cold and a bit unsure how to get a good routine running to get your body moving, to keep yourself feeling good […]

Start your Marathon journey

Training for a Marathon – from a mid-pack endurance athlete

  Training for a Marathon – from a mid-pack endurance Athlete  With just over 6months to the Cork City Marathon it’s time to think about training to give yourself enough time to prepare   Getting to the Start line Running 26.2miles (42.195km) is a huge achievement for anyone from a beginner runner to an elite. It doesn’t matter the […]

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Take it easy with NRG: The benefits of Relaxation

Take it easy with NRG: The benefits of Relaxation   We’re getting serious about stress relief. When people talk about relaxation, it often seems like something that we aren’t always able to fit into our busy schedules. Here are some ways you can incorporate some relaxation into your everyday life.    Yoga This popular practice […]

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Why You Should Take Part in Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Class Can Boost Motivation & Create Accountability Taking part in group fitness class helps push you during your workout to achieve more, with a teacher telling you what to do, the session is less work for you, while still being effective. Once you book into the class you are more accountable. Group Fitness […]