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Jacinta NRG Xpress

Fitness Instructor During a Pandemic

Jacinta tells the story What is it like to be a fitness instructor during a pandemic? Jacinta from NRG Xpress tells the story, one year into it. Our Personal Training – What is it? Personal training is an option people take, to get a tailored fitness plan and a one-to-one training program to reach a […]

Knowing your macros

Macros 101 – Let’s Break It Down

Macros 101 – Let’s break it down Do you know your macros? Don’t worry if you don’t – I’ll break them down for you. As a child I had the most wonderful Maths teacher. He was middle aged and rugged, born on the wild west coast of Scotland and often failed in his attempts to […]

Improve your work from home posture

Improving Your Work From Home Posture

How to improve your work from home posture People all around the world are finding themselves unexpectedly working from home due to concerns about contracting or spreading Covid-19. Yet many of us do not have the correct set up for a home office. A poor workstation setup can heavily impact the strain placed on our […]

Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise | Home Workouts

Benefits of Exercise There are many benefits of exercising, and here at NRG, we have compiled some of our favourites. It Is Time Saving & Convenient During these strange times it can be hard to get motivated to workout. So, having the convenience of having a wide variety of fitness classes at your fingers tips […]



Last year, we ran a highly successful weight loss programme in our Knocknacarra club, called “Detox” and now we are taking it one step further and launching a brand new programme on our NRG Online app. We just launched our brand new, six-week weight loss programme on January 18th, 2021 and we are calling it […]

Benefits Of Functional Training

To coincide with the opening of the NRG Functional Training Room in NRG Health & Fitness Knocknacarra we have some tips on using the space safely and the benefits of functional training! Before using the functional training area all members must sign a waiver at reception. When using the area make sure to: Be careful […]